Silent sea

[HK Wildlife Magazine] The giant yellow croaker once supported Tai O’s fishing industry but now it stands on the verge of extinction.


India’s tiger man

[Ecozine] Dedicated tiger defender and one of India’s best-known big cat experts Valmik Thapar talks about his love for the charismatic beasts.

Q&A with Louie Psihoyos

[Ecozine] Award-winning filmmaker and eco-activist Louie Psihoyos is back with a new mission. While The Cove focused on the plight of dolphins, his latest movie Racing Extinction takes on a more far-reaching issue: mankind’s role in a potential catastrophe that could wipe out half of the world’s species. Ecozine contributor Joyee Chan asked him to…

Saving the horn of Africa

[South China Morning Post] The rhino is under threat from illegal poachers, but rangers in South Africa are fighting back.

He was born to be wild

[South China Morning Post] To save the giant panda from extinction we need to do more to protect the forests it lives in, says panda expert Sarah Bexell.

Elephants communicate with body language

[South China Morning Post] Elephant expert Joyce Poole hopes sharing her understanding of elephants’ sophisticated thinking and social structure will encourage people to love the animals and stop the ivory trade.

A walk on the wild side

[South China Morning Post] Wildlife photographer Jan Latta shares some tricks of the trade.