Silent sea

[HK Wildlife Magazine] The giant yellow croaker once supported Tai O’s fishing industry but now it stands on the verge of extinction.


HK roadkill count launched to reduce wildlife deaths on roads

[South China Morning Post] Photographer sets up Facebook page to document animals killed under the wheels in the hope it will give an idea of the scale of destruction and generate solutions.

India’s tiger man

[Ecozine] Dedicated tiger defender and one of India’s best-known big cat experts Valmik Thapar talks about his love for the charismatic beasts.

Elephants communicate with body language

[South China Morning Post] Elephant expert Joyce Poole hopes sharing her understanding of elephants’ sophisticated thinking and social structure will encourage people to love the animals and stop the ivory trade.

White Mars

[South China Morning Post ] Biologist Alexander Kumar found that living in Antarctica can be like living on another planet.