Marine geneticist takes on illegal shark fin trade

[South China Morning Post] Stephen Palumbi talks to Joyee Chan about taking on the Japanese whale meat industry and his next target: the shark-fin trade.


Economy of scales: A look into Hong Kong’s fish farming industry

[Time Out Hong Kong] Joyee Chan rolls up her trousers and checks out four ways that fish are raised in Hong Kong and examines the environmental challenges the industry now faces.

Saving the horn of Africa

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He was born to be wild

[South China Morning Post] To save the giant panda from extinction we need to do more to protect the forests it lives in, says panda expert Sarah Bexell.

Elephants communicate with body language

[South China Morning Post] Elephant expert Joyce Poole hopes sharing her understanding of elephants’ sophisticated thinking and social structure will encourage people to love the animals and stop the ivory trade.

A walk on the wild side

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White Mars

[South China Morning Post ] Biologist Alexander Kumar found that living in Antarctica can be like living on another planet.